Monday, December 17, 2012

Welcoming the holidays with a freebie and reflecting on Sandy Hook

Friday started out as a pretty good day - it was the last day of school for us for a three week (!) holiday break. After school, I stopped by the office and heard about what happened at Sandy Hook. At the time, I think I was just in shock, and since then, I have had a hard time NOT thinking about it. As a mother and a teacher, I cannot fathom the terror those children, their families, and their teachers endured on Friday. My heart goes out to those affected in Newtown, CT and it makes me incredibly grateful for every second I have with my own children.

(My kiddos seeing Santa... I couldn't get my daughter to sit on his lap!)

On a lighter note... We are now off on break and I'm enjoying a little bit of R&R! The last few days of school, I tried to keep things as academic as possible although the kiddos were CRAAAAZZZZYYY! One of the activities we did was graphing holiday M&Ms. The regular M&Ms this year are just two colors - green and red (weren't the greens a light green and a dark green in the past? Maybe it's just me...). However, you can use mint M&Ms (yummm...) or these:

Here's how they turned out!

If you'd like your own FREE copy, just click below!

Off to snuggle with my sweeties... Have a happy Monday!
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