Thursday, December 12, 2013

What Does the Elf Say?

Can anyone else believe that the holidays are sneaking up on us so fast? I certainly can't! I'm not totally ready - okay, not even close. The UPS guy is going to get to know us REALLY well during the coming days, since online ordering is my new BFF with two kids 3 and under.

Speaking of kids, we went to see Santa... And we got the classic one happy kid/one screaming kid picture. I love it. :)

Anyways, my kids have gone... well, how can we put it nicely? Umm, nuts. Ever since the calendar turned to December, they've been WAY more energetic than their usual selves. And this is with 19 boys and 7 girls, which is already a pretty energetic mix.

So, I've been looking for a quick, easy, and low-maintenance way to help encourage good behavior. I'm too cheap to spend $30 on an Elf on the Shelf, and couldn't find a knockoff, so I did what any thrifty teacher would do... Make a printable!

Each morning, my students walk in to find a couple of students with one of these notes, a York peppermint patty, and a bit of glitter on their tables. Uber low maintenance, quick, and the kids are loving it. Click the image above if you'd like to grab a free copy for yourself!

Off to grade some papers... Don't be jealous. :) Goodnight! 
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