Monday, September 17, 2012

Freebie labels!

Is anyone else OVERWHELMED with the year so far? I am! My room isn't quite how I want it to be yet, and I'm trying to get ahead (okay, who am I kidding? CATCH UP!) on planning and such. Our school day was extended this year, and while I'm LOVING the extra time, it's wearing me out a bit.


Well, folks, these are probably superduper late for many of you, but maybe they'll be helpful for some of ya!

I've created six labels to label notebooks/folders for your kiddos, plus a bonus label for birthday books. (I give my students a book for their birthday. Many of my students don't have books at home, so I try to give my kiddos books for their birthdays, holidays, as rewards, etc.)

Click on the picture below to grab yours!

(Note: These can be printed on 4x3.33" labels. Make sure the page sizing is set to "none" so the labels print correctly.)

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