Friday, February 1, 2013

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What. A. Week. I was sick on Monday, 12 of my 29 kiddos had English language proficiency testing Tuesday and Wednesday (which meant I was at 17 kids for half the day each day - talk about not getting anything done!), and then we had a full-day PD today. Phew!

So, here I'm sitting, with both kiddos asleep (at least for now), which in itself seems like a rare occurrence! I'm trying to enjoy the alone time while it lasts.

Today, we had back-to-back-to-back meetings, one of which was a study group meeting. Our whole school has formed study groups around different literacy topics (ours is teaching within a workshop model in the content areas), and I just love the girls in my group. They keep me sane!

My son turned 8 months today, and my daughter turns 2 1/2 Sunday. It's crazy how time flies. I didn't really believe it when people warned me you'd blink and the kids would be grown up, but I see it now. Declan is too big for his baby seat, so we're upgrading the kids... Avery to a big girl booster seat (which, BTW, seats kids up to 120 pounds. Seriously??? Some adults aren't even that big!) and Declan to her infant/toddler seat. Before that happens, there better be some mad vacuuming to get up all the pretzel crumbs that have taken up shop in the backseat!

So, we live in the city and there are about 831 different cupcake shops (okay, not really, but there's a couple awesome ones a few miles away), but not one that delivers. I really think one would do a fabulous business catering to college students/pregnant moms-to-be/teachers who've had a busy week and want to unwind with a little sweetness!

It has been way, waaaaayyyy too long since I've gotten a haircut, and it's really starting to show. It's the bare basic stuff that's the hardest to get done sometimes!

Okay, my pet peeve is totally random and insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but does it drive you nuts when you're walking down the street and someone in front of you stops? I used to live near Michigan Avenue (aka heart of Chicago tourist-ville), and huge street + lots of shopping and thus window displays + scaffolding for construction + tourists = a walking traffic jam! It's not so bad now that we're not living downtown anymore, but still, it's a mega pet peeve of mine!

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  1. OMG The sidewalk stoppers.... Hate those... They are especially bad in Casinos in Vegas. GET OUT OF MY WAY.

    My Life as a Third Grade Teacher

  2. All of those things in your want category sound absolutely delicious!

    And my roommate and I were just discussing around Christmas time how people will stop in the middle of a busy mall to look around or check their phones. During Christmas shopping, the people in the middle that stop run the risk of getting run over!!

    Second Grade Nest

  3. I so agree with the sidewalk stoppers! I will add hallway blockers to that! I have a teammate that never seems to see that she is blocking the hall.

    Have a cupcake for me. I am really trying to diet, but am craving a chocolate treat!
    Learning in Bliss

  4. I can totally relate to the kids growing up...I still remember my kids being that young...and now they are 28 and 24! Yikes!

    I need a haircut, tried to book one this week, but apparently my stylist needs a holiday,, I'm going in next week! :)

    I hope you are feeling better, now!


  5. I always say silence is my favorite sound! I need a haircut sooo bad, too. It's driving me crazy!

    Extra Special Teaching

  6. I can't stand people who stop on sidewalks either. Have a good weekend!

    Thirsty Firsties

  7. Everything on your want list sounds wonderful. :) :) I'm excited to be your newest follower!

    And I'm definitely going to have to find that Thin Mint ice cream you suggested--it sounds too good to be true!!
    Happy Saturday!
    Little Miss Primary

  8. Love the name of your blog! Adorable!

    Your newest follower,

  9. I found your blog through Farley's Currently, and I'm your newest follower! :) Now I'm thinking about ice cream and cookies!! Yum!! haha :)

    Smiles from 2nd Grade

  10. I had some silence too this was so only lasted for about 30 minutes...but that was good enough:) I found you through the currently:) I'm your newest follower!!

    Come By and Visit My Blogs!
    ”Dots” of Fun!
    1...2...3...Teach With Me

  11. I don't walk much...BUT the people who stop their cart in the middle of the aisle at Walmart are just as bad!! =)

    A+ Firsties


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