Thursday, June 7, 2012

Where have I been???

It has definitely been a LONG time since posting! I told myself I'd be better about posting to this new blog, but things have been CUH-RAZY here!

In addition to trying to prep for the end of the year (the students are at school through next week), cleaning my room up, completing assessments of kiddos and all that jazz... THIS new little guy has kept me busy!

Declan came about 2.5 weeks early... And he's a little sweetie! I forgot how much newborns sleep, so I've actually been able to get some stuff done while my toddler, Avery, is at school. She got to spend time at Nana and Papa's house while I was in the hospital, so she was in heaven. :)

Needless to say, I won't be back at school through the end of the year! SO.... I know this is late but here's what we had been working on:

First of all, I LOVE (yes, all caps!) the Fraction Action unit by Cara Carroll of The First Grade Parade! In the past my kiddos have struggled with the concept of fractions, but with many of the activities in this unit, they've really done quite well! Here is a fractionpillar made by one of my sweeties:

Excuse the really bad iPhone photo!
I tried using Do-A-Dot stampers to make each of the body parts, but I tell you, those kids got a bit overzealous and went very stamp-happy! AGH! So when I was at Target, I saw they had THREE colors of those little dot stickers you might use to price things at a garage sale. VOILA! The kids could do this much more independently, they weren't too dot crazy, and there was zero mess. I'll definitely remember this for next year!

In science, we wrapped up our plant unit. We read Flip, Float, Fly: Seeds on the Move and did written responses about what the students would do if they were seeds.

We also observed seeds in avocados, kiwis, apples, lemons, and limes (which ended up having the teeniest seeds ever...).

These activities and more are available {HERE}.

What's on my to do list for this summer?
  • RELAX with my own kiddos! :)
  • Reorganize my sub tub materials - that would have made my sudden maternity leave a lot easier!
  • Get together my beginning of the school year materials to post on TpT
  • Try some Pinterest recipes (cookie dough dip... yummmm....)
What's on your to do list for your break??

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